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Illustration of Vela in a fantasy robe, holding a scroll and quill, with a cat on her shoulder.

Vela Roth manifested unstable writing powers at a young age, and many of her early experiments had unintended results. As she grew, a curriculum of fantasy novels with kickass heroines helped her learn to control and wield her abilities.

Eventually she dared pursue the knowledge inside the most forbidden tomes: romance novels. She’s been practicing the dark arts of fantasy romance ever since, but she strives to use her novels only for good.

She lives in a solar-powered writer’s garret at the foot of the mountains. Her familiar is a rescue cat with a missing fang and a huge heart. When not typing furiously at her manuscript, she can usually be found gaming on her home-built PC or trying to grow roses in the desert.

Vela loves hearing from readers and hopes you’ll get in touch.

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