The Blood Grace Series

Blood Mercy (Blood Grace Book 1) by Vela Roth


Blood Mercy

Blood Grace Book 1

In this kingdom, love is treason…

Lio is an immortal Hesperine with fangs and dangerous magic, but he brings comfort into Cassia’s cruel world. If she gives her heart to the enemy, will she and Lio survive the king’s retribution?


Blood Solace

Blood Grace Book 2

An undying love, a deadly magical bond…

Lio’s Craving for Cassia’s blood is about to end his eternal life, while she is trapped in a betrothal to a mortal. Can they reunite without starting a war between immortals and humans?


Blood Sanctuary

Part One

Blood Grace Book 3

Loving an immortal is a dangerous political game…

Cassia wants to defect from the human court and stay with her Hesperine lover for eternity. But when hidden enemies sabotage the negotiations, can Lio protect her from a lethal spell?


Blood Sanctuary

Part Two

Blood Grace Book 4

Three kingdoms. Two lovers. One endgame.

When an old nemesis makes the final move, will Lio and Cassia win peace between immortals and humans – or lose everything they’ve fought for?



Part One

Blood Grace Book 5

OCTOBER 26, 2022

Blood Union

Part Two

Blood Grace Book 6


Blood Price

A Blood Grace Novel

An ancient feud. A forbidden love. A bargain with the darkest magic…

When their families’ war tears them apart, he will return to her at any cost – even if the price is his humanity. But can she love the monster he becomes?

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Blood dREAM

Blood Grace 4.5

The nightmare is over, but can Cassia and Lio live their dream come true?

This touching and steamy Blood Grace bonus novelette is set after the events of Blood Sanctuary Part Two.

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