When is the next book coming out?

Check out the Blood Grace series page for all currently announced launch dates. If you’d like to be the first to know when I announce the next book release, subscribe to my newsletter. You’ll also get a free book!

How many books will there be in the Blood Grace series?

Lio and Cassia’s story consists of eight main books. Two of them are split into parts, making a total of ten volumes. I’ve been planning all the books since I was still writing the first one. I’ve built toward future plot twists in each novel. I promise no filler and no dragging the series on without reason. Every book will take the plot, the world, the characters and especially Lio and Cassia’s relationship to new levels!

Why is Blood Grace Book 3 split into two parts?

Blood Sanctuary is too long for Amazon’s page count limit, so unfortunately I had to divide it into two volumes. Otherwise it would have been literally a thousand pages long – too heavy to fit in your purse and a serious hazard if you dropped it on your toe.

What’s different about the new editions?

The latest release of the series features a map, glossaries, and all-new cover artwork by Patcas Illustration! Blood Mercy also includes an updated opening chapter.

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