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Blood Grace Book 1: Blood Mercy

Signed Copy of Blood Mercy (Blood Grace Book 1).

In this kingdom, love is treason… Lio is an immortal Hesperine with fangs and dangerous magic, but he brings comfort into Cassia’s cruel world. If she gives her heart to the enemy, will she and Lio survive the king’s retribution?


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Blood Mercy features Patcas Illustration‘s stunning cover artwork, the fantasy world map, and a glossary.

Book Box includes:

  • Your choice of hardcover or paperback
  • 8.5″ x 5.5″ cover art print
  • Cover art bookmark
  • Cassia soap

Each book comes hand-signed and packed with care.

Royal bastard Cassia trusts no one in the human court until Lio arrives as a Hesperine ambassador. Her people call him a monster, but his kindness gets past her armor, and his bite tempts her into a passionate, secret affair. When they join forces to forge peace between humans and Hesperines, these fated mates will have to risk everything for their forbidden love.

A slow-burn, steamy romance set in an epic world featuring Hesperines, a high fantasy twist on vampires.


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