Blood Solace Signed Hardcover


Autographed hardback edition of Blood Solace (Blood Grace Book 2).

An undying love, a deadly magical bond… Lio’s Craving for Cassia’s blood is about to end his eternal life, while she is trapped in a betrothal to a mortal. Can they reunite without starting a war between immortals and humans?

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The hardcover edition of Blood Solace features Patcas Illustration‘s stunning new artwork on the case laminate cover and dust jacket with damask-patterned flaps. The hardback also includes the fantasy world map and glossary.

Each book comes hand-signed and packed with care.

For personalized autographs: Vela will use the first name that appears on the order, or you can request a different name in the Order notes on the checkout page.

Will their Grace bond be his salvation or end his eternal life?

Lio is keeping a fatal secret. His Craving for his beloved Cassia’s blood has pushed him to the brink of death, but he can’t tell anyone she’s his Grace. If his people, the Hesperines, bring her to him to save his life, they’ll destroy the fragile peace in the human kingdom that she’s fighting to protect.

Cassia’s enemies are closing in. The human king knows there’s a Hesperine sympathizer at court, and his war mage allies are bent on unmasking her. When her father’s political game forces her into a betrothal, will an arranged marriage be his weapon of choice for her murder?

Discover how fated mates Lio and Cassia reunite in this steamy romance. Lose yourself in their fantasy world and root for their forbidden love all the way to their guaranteed series HEA.


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