Cassia Soap

Natural, fair-trade cassia soap handcrafted in Africa.


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Feel like a heretic when you use this luxurious cassia soap. With a warm, energizing cinnamon scent, it will leave your skin unbelievably soft.

This Zambeezi brand soap is fair trade and handcrafted in Zambia, the real-world African country on which Queen Soteira’s culture is based. 100% natural ingredients with no artificial colors, fragrances, or preservatives.

Ingredients: saponified sunflower oil, saponified palm kernel oil*, organic beeswax, cinnamon cassia oil, ground cinnamon, paprika, distilled water. *All of Zambeezi’s palm oil is ethically sourced.

He let the soap rest in Cassia’s hand for a moment, his hand still on the soap. A connection between them, one he allowed the Blood Union to embellish for his senses…

She took the soap and withdrew her hand all too soon. But she did lift the bar to her nose. Lio listened to her take a breath and watched the groove at the base of her throat deepen. She hesitated. Then she took a deeper breath.

“It is very fine,” she said again.

“The oldest soap known to civilization and still one of the best. You will never guess what it is made of.”

“No, I shall not, for I have not smelled anything like it before.”

He smiled at her. “Cassia oil.”


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