Blood Grace Book 7: Blood Gift

Signed copy of Blood Gift (Blood Grace Book 7).

Can she claim her magic and her fangs? When Cassia returns to kingdom of mortals to master her magic, Lio must protect her from the necromancer bent on using her for evil. Can the Gift of eternal life from Lio’s blood save her from the master of death?


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Autographed copy of Blood Gift featuring Patcas Illustration‘s stunning cover art, two fantasy world maps, and a glossary.

Choose from paperback, hardcover, or book box options.

Book Boxes include:

  • Blood Gift: Your choice of hardcover or paperback.
  • Cover Art Print: 5.5 x 8.5″ matte print of the full cover artwork by Patcas Illustration.
  • Cover Art Bookmark: 2 x 8″ matte bookmark with a detail from Patcas’s cover art on both sides plus a quote from the book on the back.
  • Character Art Print: 5 x 7″ glossy print of Lio and Cassia’s promise dance by Amira Naval.
  • Spicy Character Art Print: 5 x 7″ matte print of all new, exclusive spicy character artwork of Lio and Cassia.
  • Character Sticker Pack: 3x 3″ die cut character stickers of Lio, Cassia, and Knight by Katherine Ellis.
  • “Lio” Private Label Soap: Custom plant-based, moonflower-scented soap handcrafted for the Moon Market.

Hand signed and presented in a beautiful box with each book individually wrapped and sealed with ribbon and a wax stamp.

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Can she claim her magic and her fangs?

Ancient magic is sleeping inside Cassia. Wielding it is her birthright, but her bloodright is to become an immortal Hesperine like Lio, her Grace. Until she masters her dormant magic, it’s too dangerous for him to transform her. To claim both her legacies, she must return to the land that holds the secrets of her power: the mortal kingdom where she was once powerless.

Lio is ready to protect her with diplomacy, spells, or even his fists. He knows he’ll need them against the lord who is still betrothed to her under human law. Most dangerous of all, the necromancer known as the Collector lies in wait, planning to use Cassia for his mysterious ends.

When the moment of Cassia’s transformation arrives, there will be no turning back. Can the Gift of eternal life from Lio’s blood save her from the necromancer, master of death?


Book Box (Hardcover), Book Box (Paperback), Hardcover, Paperback

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